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Finnon Lake is close to so many activities……There are an additional array of activities which are nearby as well. The Eldorado National Forest (check out their camping areas as well); the Marshall gold discovery site / Sutter's Mill in Coloma; ATV trails in Georgetown; White water rafting on the South Fork of the American River; the Rubicon Trail for you Jeep fans; and the town of Placerville also known as "Old Hangtown." The oldest suspension bridge in California is nearby. The oldest, still operating, hardware store west of the Mississippi and oldest, still operating, newspaper west of the Mississippi are in Placerville as well. Come visit us and our neighbors, you'll enjoy the peace and quiet, as well as the activities. Click on the MAPS & ACTIVITIES page to see several additional things you may do while visiting the area.  AND - if you enjoy stargazing on a dark evening bring your telescope, or binoculars. The night sky can be unbelievably clear and dark.

For additional history of the immediate area surrounding the lake click HERE.

Click on any photo to enlarge and scroll through this set. The far left begins the series with a 1946 aerial view.  The lake should hopefully be back to a full level soon, but remember the area has been in a drought for four years.

Aerial photos courtesy USGS, all others courtesy



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Directions from Placerville, CA

You'll have two options to get to the lake. One allows you to drive over the oldest suspension bridge in the State. It's narrow, one car at a time, and the scenic river and canyon below makes it all the worth-while. The other is a bit longer, but necessary if you're towing a trailer, or in a RV.  Click HERE for directions. has had visitors from over 92 different countries.  Whether you’re from Boise or Berlin, San Francisco or Sydney, we wish to thank you for visiting.  Finnon Lake is located in the heart of California’s Motherlode area.  For a list of countries our visitors are from please click HERE.

Google Maps™ has created a “street view” map for viewing, and one that will give you a visual experience, on getting to Finnon Lake.  Depending on what route you wish to take to get to Finnon (see this page for additional information) we have created two links to begin your virtual drive.  If you take the Mosquito Bridge route click HERE, your journey begins at the start of Mosquito Road in Placerville, and don’t forget to make that left hand turn about 2 miles up the road to stay on Mosquito Road.  If you will be taking the Rock Creek Road route then click HERE, that drive begins at the junction of State Highway 193 from Highway 49, about one mile north of US Highway 50.

Either way - enjoy your virtual drive, thanks to Google Maps™.  A new browser window will open to view your journey.         

The main purpose of this website has been to provide information on the Finnon Lake dam and lake restoration project. would like to say thanks to the El Dorado County and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation Districts (RCD)and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) for all their efforts in making the dam restoration possible.  As of summer, 2014, the restoration project was deemed to be complete.  The dam was replaced, fish habitats installed, fish restocked, a boat launch area installed, a boat wash station was completed, a new bridge over the dam’s spillway, new safety railing installed on the road over the dam, and additional campsites were created.

Additionally,  a new diner will be opening early November, 2017.  It’s name is either Frank’s Cafe’ or Frank’s Diner according to an article in the local neighborhood monthly newsletter.  We’re sure Frank knows what he’ll call it.  Anyway, the cafe will be located in the same building that all past business ventures have been in at 9100 Rock Creek Road, the entrance to the lake.  Initially open for lunch Wednesday through Sunday, with breakfasts available on the weekends as well.  Here’s wishing Frank and family the best.  Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.  Sorry no phone number was provided.

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Hi, I’m Pinocchio the only full time resident at Finnon Lake.  About 4 months ago I mentioned how careless humans were dropping cigarettes on the dry grasses and suggested the management for the Finnon Lake and Campgrounds should put up some signs asking folks to be careful with fire.  Well, guess that was to much to ask. Signs that cost maybe $20 per sign are just something they couldn't, wouldn’t or simply didn’t care to do.  I suppose the safety of the area and neighboring households is simply something they really don’t care about.  Sad, sad, very sad!!!!!!!

Maybe it’s time to go to safer pastures?

WELCOME to FINNONLAKE.COM.  This is the original and longest running website for Finnon Lake. is now in its eighth year of providing information about the lake, its history, restoration, local area history and activities to do nearby, as well as current conditions of the lake.  This is the original, and longest operating website,  for Finnon Lake.  

During the summer the algal levels at Finnon rose causing the east end of the lake to look like it was a carpet of green muck.  The lake’s management group never made conditions better as prior photos showed.  As it is now autumn with water level down about six feet the left over algal muck now covers more surface area.  Looks are everything, and this makes the lake look very sad.  One can almost use the algal muck as stepping stones to get from the north side to the south at the east end of the lake.  Again, sad, sad, sad!    Below are some photos of the lake taken November, 2017.

More algal growth suffocating the lake’s bio-systems.  Good thing winter is close!

Algal growth like a green carpet.

Even the water-fowl are running away.

Evaporation line due to summer’s heat.

Hi, it’s me again with another PSA.  Originally, back in July,  I posted photos of my now dilapidated stall.  Holes in the roof, drainage issues, and with winter coming it will get worse.  Those 4 months ago I asked for a couple sheets of plywood to fix the holes through the roof.  Now I’ll be wet all winter long.  Wish a new group of caring people would replace the present management.  Guess that won’t happen, and I suppose it’s too much to ask for two lousy sheets of plywood.  Karma is a b……….