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Directions from Placerville, CA

You'll have two options to get to the lake. One allows you to drive over the oldest suspension bridge in the State. It's narrow, one car at a time, and the scenic river and canyon below makes it all the worth-while. The other is a bit longer, but necessary if you're towing a trailer, or in a RV.

Google Maps™ has created a “street view” map for viewing, and one that will give you a visual experience, on getting to Finnon Lake.  Depending on what route you wish to take to get to Finnon (see this page for additional information) we have created two links to begin your virtual drive.  If you take the Mosquito Bridge route click HERE, your journey begins at the start of Mosquito Road in Placerville, and don’t forget to make that left hand turn about 2 miles up the road to stay on Mosquito Road.  If you will be taking the Rock Creek Road route then click HERE, that drive begins at the junction of State Highway 193 from Highway 49, about one mile north of US Highway 50.

Either way - enjoy your virtual drive, thanks to Google Maps™.  A new browser window will open to view your journey.         

For additional photos of the campground prior to the dam reconstruction please see our slide-show by clicking here.

MAPS and ACTIVITIES (links to some area activities are farther down the page)

This page provides information on driving directions, map access, and an additional listing of web-links for an abundance of activities to do while visiting the area. We hope you find this page beneficial.

EL DORADO CO. VISITOR’S           DISC GOLF (20 ‘HOLES’ AT FINNON)                   FISHING                           GOLD AT COLOMA         ATV TRAILS


If you would like historical information regarding the area near Finnon Lake please click here. A new browser will open.

Take the Mosquito Rd. route to go over the bridge (NO TRAILERS / RVs ALLOWED). From Sacramento go east on US 50. Take the Broadway exit in Placerville. (if coming from the east side of Placerville on US 50 then take the Mosquito Rd exit) Stay to the right onto Broadway for about 200 feet. At the stop sign turn right, you'll be on Mosquito Rd. The road goes under the freeway and about 100 feet past the under-crossing turn left, you'll still be on Mosquito Rd. Approximately 2 miles from that turn there will be a sign indicating Mosquito Rd veers to the left. If you miss that turn you'll be on Union Ridge Rd, so turn around. Stay on Mosquito Rd for about 3 miles (after crossing the bridge) till you get to Mosquito Cutoff Rd, turn left onto Mosquito Cutoff Rd. Stay on that road till you get to Rock Creek Rd. then turn right onto Rock Creek Rd. Go about 100 yards and you'll see the sign for the Rock Creek Cafe, turn into the Cafe's parking lot, follow the directions on the sign which is at the left side of the cafe.

2- THE TRAILER / RV ROUTE: (route is about 14 miles long from Placerville)

Whether east or west bound on US 50 go to the State Highway 49 turn off of US 50. If you're driving east bound (from Sacramento) turn left, and driving west bound turn right. Highway 49 is also named Spring Street in Placerville. Stay on Highway 49 for about 1 mile, look for the sign for State Highway 193, turn right onto 193. Stay on 193 for about 3 miles and keep an eye open for the Rock Creek Road turn off sign. Turn right onto Rock Creek Road, go about ten miles, you'll see the Rock Creek Cafe, turn into the parking lot, and follow the instructions on the sign which is on the left side of the cafe.

NOTE - the county has recently (early 2013) trimmed brush and overhanging tree branches on Rock Creek Road which is good for your RV, or high profile vehicle - Thank You El Dorado County D.O.T.


The following are some useful web links to assist you in enjoying Finnon Lake and the surrounding areas. Click on a graphic to use a link. Links should cause a new web browser window to open.  Linked information is openly available via the Internet and has been selected for relevance to Finnon Lake and surrounding area.

USE OF A LINK DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE RESPECTIVE WEBSITE HAS BEEN MAINTAINED FOR USE.  Credits and © information above graphics, Non credited information is ©

Mosquito Bridge, one lane, five ton limit, no trailers, RVs, or vehicles over 8 feet wide. (The bridge was originally built in 1867 and has been replaced twice, with a major overhaul in 2010.  It is well maintained by El Dorado County DOT.  1914 photo courtesy the Library of Congress.) Click either photo to enlarge.

NEW BRIDGE  ? —–– Click HERE for more information.








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 - use caution when driving our winding roads.

Many of the curves are “blind” ones, and there are

several animals, from squirrels to deer, that are frequently by the roadsides.  Take your time driving and enjoy the scenery, but mainly - be safe.


(Mileages noted above are approximations)

BE SAFE- sadly too many drivers on our mountain roads, and that includes residents of the area, don't know that driving etiquette should be used, or that uphill traffic has the legal right-of-way.  It is about a 20 to 30 minute drive from Placerville, so enjoy the views and vistas. All roads to the lake are paved, bumpy but paved.  Again - traffic going uphill has the right of way. AND - as there are many blind curves you should stay as far to the right as possible.  Plus - too many people need to tailgate and speed, do yourself a favor - let these YAHOOS pass when it is safe for you to pull over. These people think these roads are their private 10 - 14 mile long driveways.  They are not worth an injury nor the aggravation!!

Click HERE for an Interactive Map from Bing

1- THE BRIDGE ROUTE: (route is about 10 miles long from Placerville)  



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